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Configuring Java Virtual Machine Heap Size

JVM_HEAP_SIZE is configurable for the frontend, test-results, picard-output-processor containers, and for v2.15 and later contexts-service is configurable.

Setting up

To customize JVM_HEAP_SIZE value, you will need to create customizations file in your services box

  1. Create customizations files:
  2. In the file, add the line below to export desire JVM_HEAP_SIZE in the file
    export JVM_HEAP_SIZE=2g
  3. Stop and restart CircleCI application

Verify customization is applied

To confirm the configured value is applied, you will need to run REPL in Docker containers

When Circle application restarted, run the command below to run REPL into the container

For frontend container
sudo docker exec -it frontend lein repl :connect 6005
For test-results container
sudo docker exec -it test-results lein repl :connect 2719

For picard-output-processor container

sudo docker exec -it picard-output-processor lein repl :connect 6007

verify JVM_HEAP_SIZE has reset.

(System/getenv "JVM_HEAP_SIZE") ;; should return what you have set above
(-> (java.lang.Runtime/getRuntime) (.totalMemory)) ;; return value should match with JVM_HEAP_SIZE