CircleCI Runner in Server

NOTE: CircleCI Runner is not yet available on the current version of Server 3.x; however, it will be available for preview before the next release. Please contact us for more information.


When creating namespaces, resource classes and tokens, the CLI needs to be configured to connect to the Server deployment either via --host HOSTNAME and --token TOKEN flags, or the CircleCI CLI’s configuration file.

Resource class example

circleci runner resource-class create <resource-class> <description> --host HOSTNAME --token TOKEN

Configuration file

When setting up a Runner, the configuration file should include url property.

    auth_token: AUTH_TOKEN
    url: https://HOSTNAME
  command_prefix: ["sudo", "-niHu", "circleci", "--"]
  working_directory: /opt/circleci/workdir/%s
  cleanup_working_directory: true


A specific server version works with a specific runner version. The table below presents the mapping.

Server Version Runner
3.0 TBD

Replace VERSION and run the following steps to download, verify and install the binary of a specific version of runner.

sudo mkdir -p "$prefix/workdir"
echo "Determining latest version of CircleCI Launch Agent"
echo "Using CircleCI Launch Agent version $agent_version"
echo "Downloading and verifying CircleCI Launch Agent Binary"
curl -sSL "$base_url/$agent_version/checksums.txt" -o checksums.txt
file="$(grep -F "$platform" checksums.txt | cut -d ' ' -f 2 | sed 's/^.//')"
mkdir -p "$platform"
echo "Downloading CircleCI Launch Agent: $file"
curl --compressed -L "$base_url/$agent_version/$file" -o "$file"
echo "Verifying CircleCI Launch Agent download"
grep "$file" checksums.txt | sha256sum --check && chmod +x "$file"; sudo cp "$file" "$prefix/circleci-launch-agent" || echo "Invalid checksum for CircleCI Launch Agent, please try download again"