CircleCI Server v3.x Orbs

This section describes Orbs and how to manage them. Server installations include their own local orb registry. This registry is private to the server installation. All orbs referenced in configs reference the orbs in the server orb registry. You are responsible for maintaining orbs; this includes copying orbs from the public registry, updating orbs that may have been copied prior, and registering your companies private orbs if they exist.

Managing Orbs

Orbs are accessed via the CircleCI CLI. Orbs require your CircleCI user to be an admin. They also require a personal api token Providing a local repository location using the --host option allows you to access your local server orbs vs the public cloud orbs. For example, if your server installation is located at, then you can run orb commands local to that orb repository by passing --host

List available orbs

To list available public orbs, visit the orb directory or run:

circleci orb list

To list available private orbs (registered in your local server orb repository) run:

circleci orb list --host <your server install domain> --token <your api token>

Import a public orb

To import a public orb to your local server orb repository:

circleci admin import-orb ns[/orb[@version]] --host <your server installation domain> --token <your api token>

Fetch a public orb’s updates

To update a public orb in your local server orb repository with a new version, run:

circleci admin import-orb ns[/orb[@version]] --host <your server installation domain> --token <your api token>

For more orb information, please refer to the Orb docs for the cloud product.

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