CircleCI Server v3.x What’s New

Server 3.x is now generally available. The newest version of server offers the ability to scale under heavy workloads, all within your own Kubernetes cluster and private network, while still enjoying the full CircleCI cloud experience.

Server 3.x includes the latest CircleCI features, such as orbs, scheduled workflows, matrix jobs, and more. For existing customers interested in migrating from 2.19 to 3.x, contact your customer success manager. Server 3.x will receive monthly patch releases and quarterly feature releases.

Release 3.1.0

Upgrade notes

With this release, the frontend-external load balancer has been removed. The traefik load balancer now handles all incoming traffic. When updating from a previous server 3.x version, you will need to update the DNS record that was pointing to the frontend-external load balancer and have it point to the circleci-server-traefik load balancer instead. Remember, you can retrieve the external IP address or DNS name of your traefik load balancer by typing kubectl get svc/circleci-server-traefik in a terminal that has access to the cluster.

To update your DNS record and upgrade your server installation follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the external IP or DNS name for the traefik load balancer as described or by looking the DNS A record for app.<your domain name>` - this should already point to your traefik load balancer.

  2. Locate the DNS A record that points to the domain name of your server installation (not the one pointing to the app. subdomain)

  3. Edit the A record so that it points to the traefik load balancer, just like the record for the `app. subdomain does. Your changes might need a couple of minutes to take effect, depending on you DNS service.

Next, from the management console dashboard, select Version History from the menu bar and click Deploy for server v3.1.0.

New Features

  • Telegraf plugins can now be added to server and customized to use third party monitoring solutions, for example, Datadog. For more information, see the Metrics and Monitoring doc.

  • The option to use only private load balancers has been introduced for customers who want a fully private installation. For more information see the Load Balancers guide.

  • Server 3.x hosts build artifacts, test results, and other state in object storage. We support any S3-compatible storage and Google Cloud Storage. For more information, see the Installation guide for further information.

  • Dynamic config via setup workflows is now available on server installations. For more information see our blog post and the Dynamic Configuration docs page.

  • Runner is now available on server. For further information, including installation steps, see the Runner docs. Runner allows the use of the macOS executor in server installations and VM service functionality for customers with server installed in a private data centre.

  • The frontend load balancer from v3.0 has been removed and replaced with an Ingress resource and the Traefik Ingress controller. This is a breaking change requiring you to reconfigure your DNS. See the What’s New in server docs for further information and guidance.

  • The following services can now be externalized. For setup information, see the server v3.x installation guide:

    • Postgres

    • MongoDB

    • Vault

  • Backup and restore functionality is now available. For more information see the Backup and Restore guide.

  • Prometheus is now deployed by default with server to monitor your cluster health and usage. Prometheus can be managed and configured from the KOTS admin UI. For further information, see the Metrics and Monitoring doc.

  • Server now supports the 2XL resource class. The Nomad cluster needs to be made large enough to account for larger resource classes.

  • The lifecycle of build artifacts and test results can now be configured from the KOTS admin console under Storage Object Expiry, including the option to disable the expiration and retain artifacts and test results indefinitely.


  • Resolved a collection of bugs that were causing sensitive information to be leaked into CircleCI support bundles:

  • Instances of faulty and partial redactions of secrets were detected, in part due to 3rd party bugs.

  • PostgresDB leaking sensitive information to STDOUT.

  • Several CircleCI services were logging secrets.

  • Tightened network security in the Nomad terraform module.

  • Terraform v0.15.0 and up are now supported.

  • Updated installation scripts to use functions supported by most recent versions of Terraform.

  • Resolved a bug that was leading to machine large builds being run on the wrong machine type. Machine large builds now correctly use 4 vCPUs and 16GB of RAM.

  • Resolved a bug that caused contexts-service to fail on expiration of Vault client tokens.

  • Resolved a bug that was causing legacy-notifier to report readiness prematurely.

  • The JVM heap size parameter has been removed for all services. The heap size is set to be half of the memory limit.

  • Changes to networking config and certs are now picked up automatically by Traefik. Previously, a restart would have been required.

  • Minimum requirements for CPU and memory have changed. For the new values, see the Installation Prerequisites doc.

Known Issues

  • It is currently possible for multiple organizations under the same CircleCI server account to have contexts with identical names. This should be avoided as doing so could lead to errors and unexpected behavior.

  • CircleCI 1.0 builds are not supported. If an attempt is made to run a 1.0 build, no feedback will be available in the application to indicate the cause of the issue. If a build is run on your installation and does not show up in the CircleCI application, users should be directed to use the CircleCI CLI to validate the project configuration and get details of the possible cause of the issue.

Release 3.0.2

  • Resolved a bug relating to artifacts disappearing after 30 days. The default settings for the artifact retention period have been updated to unlimited, and can be adjusted from the KOTS Admin Console.

  • Resolved a bug that made Traefik "unaware" of TLS certificate updates without requiring a manual restart of the Traefik pod. The Traefik pod will now restart automatically after any TLS certificate updates go into effect after the initial post KOTS deployment.

  • Resolved a bug in builds-service that was causing pods to crash as a result of running out of memory.

Release 3.0.1

  • build_agent version value updated, as the previous version was relying on a vulnerable version of PsExec.

  • Due to an issue that was causing duplicated checks in GitHub, environment variables for output-processor were reconfigured.

  • Adjusted deployment configuration for vm-service to handle out-of-order database migrations managed by Flyway.

To learn more about Server v3.x, see the following:

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