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Refer to the following video and documents for help with setting up your tests.

How to build, test, and deploy video tutorial

Watch the following video for a detailed tutorial of Docker, iOS, and Android builds.

Running, splitting, and debugging tests

Document Description
Configuring CircleCI: run Step section Write a job to run your tests.
Browser Testing Common methods for running and debugging browser tests in CircleCI.
Collecting Test Metadata How to set up various common test runners in your CircleCI configuration.
Testing iOS Applications on macOS How to set up and customize testing for an iOS application with CircleCI.
Running Tests in Parallel How to glob and split tests inside a job.
Database Configuration Examples Example configuration files for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
Configuring Databases Overview of using service images and basic steps for configuring database tests in CircleCI.
Code Signing  
Setting Up Code Signing for iOS Projects Describes the guidelines for setting up code signing for your iOS or Mac project on CircleCI.


Refer to the following document for information and examples of deployment targets and tools.

Document Description
Deployment Configure automated deployment to AWS, Azure, Firebase, Google Cloud, Heroku, NPM, or virtually any other service.
Artifactory Configure automated uploads to Artifactory with the Jfrog CLI.
packagecloud Publish packages to packagecloud.

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