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Updating Server Replicated Version

This document describes how to update the server replicated version for your private installation of CircleCI in the following sections:


  • Your installation is Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 based.
  • You are running replicated version 2.10.3<= on your services machine
    • replicated –version
  • Your installation is not airgapped and you can access the internet from it
  • All steps are completed on the Services machine
  • Verify what version of replicated you need to update to by viewing the Server Changelog


Before performing a replicated version update, backup your data using the Backup instructions.

  • Stop the CircleCI application with
    replicatedctl app stop

Application shutdown takes a few minutes. Please check the administration dashboard, and wait for the status to become “Stopped” before continuing. You can also run the following command to view the app status:

    replicatedctl app status inspect

Example Output:

        "AppID": "edd9471be0bc4ea04dfca94718ddf621",
        "Sequence": 2439,
        "State": "stopped",
        "DesiredState": "stopped",
        "Error": "",
        "IsCancellable": false,
        "IsTransitioning": false,
        "LastModifiedAt": "2018-10-23T22:00:21.314987894Z"
  • For the replicated update to succeed, it’s necessary to update docker to the recommended version, 17.12.1:
    sudo apt-get install docker-ce=17.12.1~ce-0~ubuntu
  • Pin the Docker version using the following command:
    sudo apt-mark hold docker-ce


Perform the Replicated update by executing the update script as follows:

    curl -sSL "<specific_replicated_version>" | sudo bash

Double-check your replicated and docker versions:

Example Output

    replicatedctl version    # 2.29.0
    docker -v                # 17.12.1

Restart the app with

    replicatedctl app start

The application will take a few minutes to spin up. You can check the progress in the administration dashboard or by executing;

    replicatedctl app status inspect

Example output:

        "AppID": "edd9471be0bc4ea04dfca94718ddf621",
        "Sequence": 2439,
        "State": "started",
        "DesiredState": "started",
        "Error": "",
        "IsCancellable": true,
        "IsTransitioning": true,
        "LastModifiedAt": "2018-10-23T22:04:05.00374451Z"