Enabling Usage Statistics

This document is for System Administrators who want to automatically send some aggregate usage statistics to CircleCI as described in the following sections:

Usage statistics data enhances visibility into CircleCI installations and is used to better support you and ensure a smooth transition from CircleCI 1.0 to CircleCI 2.0.

Opt-In to this feature by going to Settings > Usage Statistics on the management console in Replicated. Then, enable the radio button labeled Automatically send some usage statistics to CircleCI as shown in the following screenshot.

Detailed usage statistics

The following sections provide information about the usage statistics CircleCI will gather when this setting is enabled.

Weekly account usage

Name Type Purpose
account_id UUID Uniquely identifies each vcs account
usage_current_macos minutes For each account, track weekly builds performed in minutes.
usage_legacy_macos minutes  
usage_current_linux minutes  
usage_legacy_linux minutes  

Weekly job activity

Name Type Purpose
utc_week date Identifies which week the data below applies to
usage_oss_macos_legacy minutes Track builds performed by week
usage_oss_macos_current minutes  
usage_oss_linux_legacy minutes  
usage_oss_linux_current minutes  
usage_private_macos_legacy minutes  
usage_private_macos_current minutes  
usage_private_linux_legacy minutes  
usage_private_linux_current minutes  
new_projects_oss_macos_legacy sum Captures new Builds performed on 1.0. Observe if users are starting new projects on 1.0.
new_projects_oss_macos_current sum  
new_projects_oss_linux_legacy sum  
new_projects_oss_linux_current sum  
new_projects_private_macos_legacy sum  
new_projects_private_macos_current sum  
new_projects_private_linux_legacy sum  
new_projects_private_linux_current sum  
projects_oss_macos_legacy sum Captures Builds performed on 1.0 and 2.0. Observe if users are moving towards 2.0 or staying with 1.0.
projects_oss_macos_current sum  
projects_oss_linux_legacy sum  
projects_oss_linux_current sum  
projects_private_macos_legacy sum  
projects_private_macos_current sum  
projects_private_linux_legacy sum  
projects_private_linux_current sum  

Accessing usage data

If you would like programatic access to this data in order to better understand your users you may run this command from the Services VM.

docker exec usage-stats /src/builds/extract

Security and privacy

Please reference exhibit C within your terms of contract and our standard license agreement for our complete security and privacy disclosures.

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