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CircleCI Workflows enable you to introduce concurrency and sequence your job runs with great flexibility for faster feedback when jobs fail.

Holding a Workflow for Manual Approval Using Filters
Add an approval job to set up a manual gate.      Use regex to filter on branches or filter on tags.

Scheduling a Workflow Using Workspaces
Trigger a workflow on a set schedule with cron.     Use workspaces to share data among jobs.

Video: Configure Multiple Jobs with Workflows

The following video shows you how to configure workflows in your .circleci/config.yml file.

Possible Workflow States

Workflows may appear with one of the following states:

  • RUNNING: Workflow is in progress
  • NOT RUN: Workflow was never started
  • CANCELLED: Workflow was cancelled before it finished
  • FAILING: A job in the workflow has failed
  • FAILED: One or more jobs in the workflow failed
  • SUCCESS: All jobs in the workflow completed successfully
  • ON HOLD: A job in the workflow is waiting for approval
  • NEEDS SETUP: A workflow stanza is not included or is incorrect in the config.yml file for this project