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Execution environmentsExecution environments

Run jobs in Linux, Windows, macOS, Arm, or GPU environments.


Trigger pipelines from your VCS, API, and the CircleCI app.

Deployment ExamplesDeployment Examples

Create and configure jobs to deploy to AWS, GCP, and more.

Using DockerUsing Docker

Build Docker images and execute your jobs in Docker environments.

Third Party IntegrationsThird Party Integrations

Easily integrate third-party tools using certified and partner orbs.


Create and manage contexts in the CircleCI app.

Container runner

Set up your self-hosted runner in 5 minutes, on a container or VM. With container runner, you can use custom Docker images, autoscale with Kubernetes, and access clean environments on every job.Get started with container runner

Samples and tools

Open Source ProjectsSample config.yml FilesDatabase Config ExamplesFull Config ExampleUsing Environment Variables