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Test with Sauce Labs

You can run Selenium WebDriver tests with Sauce Labs on CircleCI using Sauce Labs’ secure tunnel, Sauce Connect. Sauce Connect allows you to run a test server within the CircleCI build container and expose it (using a URL like localhost:8080) to Sauce Labs’ browsers. If you run your browser tests after deploying to a publicly accessible staging environment, then you can use Sauce Labs in the usual way without worrying about Sauce Connect.

This example circle.yml file demonstrates how to run browser tests through Sauce Labs against a test server running within a CircleCI build container.

    - wget
    - tar -xzf sc-latest-linux.tar.gz

    - cd sc-*-linux && ./bin/sc --user $SAUCE_USERNAME --api-key $SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY --readyfile ~/sauce_is_ready:
        background: true
    # Wait for tunnel to be ready
    - while [ ! -e ~/sauce_is_ready ]; do sleep 1; done
    - python -m hello.hello_app:
        background: true
    # Wait for app to be ready
    - wget --retry-connrefused --no-check-certificate -T 30 http://localhost:5000
    # Run selenium tests
    - nosetests
    - killall --wait sc  # wait for Sauce Connect to close the tunnel

To see the complete example project that goes along with this example, see circleci/sauce-connect on GitHub.