Polling project status using CCMenu, CCTray, etc.

If you would prefer to poll the status of your projects’ builds, rather than rely on notifications, CircleCI offers an implementation of the Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard, which is the format (originally from CruiseControl) consumed by common CI monitoring tools.


Make sure to use an account api token, which you can find or create in your user settings page

It should be possible to use any of these tools to poll your CircleCI builds, by configuring them with a URL of the form: https://circleci.com/cc.xml?circle-token=:circle-token

Or, if you only care about a subset of your projects, you can use per-project URLs: https://circleci.com/gh/:owner/:repo.cc.xml?circle-token=:circle-token

You can also use per-branch URLs: https://circleci.com/gh/:owner/:repo/tree/:branch.cc.xml?circle-token=:circle-token

Access Control

We recommend creating specific, narrowly scoped API tokens. In fact, we created a whole class of tokens just for this purpose: tokens which give read-only access to the build status of a single project, and nothing else. You can create and manage these tokens from the Project settings > API Tokens page of any project.

If you prefer, it is also possible to use a user’s API token as the circle-token. These tokens are very powerful, so only do that in a trusted environment!


Here are some of the desktop tools we support through this standard:

  • CCMenu: an macOS menu bar plugin.

  • BuildNotify: a GNU/Linux system tray plugin.

  • CCTray: a Windows system tray plugin.

And browser plugins we support through this plugin:


If you’re using CCMenu, you may have to append &ccmenu=cc.xml (or anything that ends with xml) to the end of your url.

If you run into trouble configuring these, or are using a different tool not on this list, please contact us.