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CircleCI 1.0 SSH access to builds

Often the best way to troubleshoot problems is to ssh into a running or finished build to look at log files, running processes, and so on.

You can do that with CircleCI!

There are two ways to enable remote SSH access, depending on whether you want to create a new build or ssh to an existing one.

To enable SSH access for a running build, go to the ‘Debug via SSH’ tab and click the ‘Enable SSH for this build’ button.

To start a fresh build with SSH enabled, for example if you want to debug a build that has already finished, click the ‘with ssh’ button alongside ‘Rebuild’:

In either case, host and port information will be available in the ‘Debug via SSH tab’:

Now you can ssh to the running build (using the same ssh key that you use for GitHub or Bitbucket) to perform whatever troubleshooting you need to.

Your build commands will run as usual, with the exception of deployment, which will be skipped unless it has already started. Commands run via ssh can affect deployment and make it unpredictable. Also, in most cases when there is a reason to debug a build, the issue would itself prevent deployment from going as expected.

After the build commands run, the build output will show another special section labeled ‘Wait for SSH’, which repeats the host and port information.

The build VM will remain available for 30 minutes after the build finishes running and then automatically shut down. (Or you can cancel it.)

Parallelism and SSH Builds

If your build has parallel steps, we launch more than one VM to perform them. Thus, you’ll see more than one ‘Enable SSH’ and ‘Wait for SSH’ section in the build output.

Debugging: “Permission denied (publickey)”

If you run into permission troubles trying to ssh to your build, try these things:

Ensure that you can authenticate with GitHub/Bitbucket

A single command can be used to test that your keys are setup as expected. For GitHub run:

$ ssh

or for Bitbucket run:

ssh -Tv

and you should see:

Hi :username! You've successfully authenticated...

for GitHub or for Bitbucket:

logged in as :username.

If you don’t see output like that, you need to start by troubleshooting your ssh keys with GitHub/ troubleshooting your ssh keys with Bitbucket.

Ensure that you’re authenticating as the correct user

If you have multiple accounts, double-check that you are authenticated as the right one!

In order to SSH into a CircleCI build, the username must be one which has access to the project being built!

If you’re authenticating as the wrong user, you can probably resolve this by offering a different ssh key with ssh -i. See the next section if you need a hand figuring out which key is being offered.

Ensure your build started after you added key

You won’t be able to log in to builds that started before you added your key to GitHub/Bitbucket. Even if those builds are still waiting for you to ssh. You have to restart the build.

Ensure that you’re offering the correct key to CircleCI

If you’ve verified that you can authenticate as the correct user, but you’re still getting “Permission denied” from CircleCI, you may be offering the wrong credentials to us. (This can happen for several reasons, depending on your ssh configuration.)

Figure out which key is being offered to GitHub that authenticates you, by running:

$ ssh -v

# or

$ ssh -v

In the output, look for a sequence like this:

debug1: Offering RSA public key: /Users/me/.ssh/id_rsa_github
debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).

This sequence indicates that the key /Users/me/.ssh/id_rsa_github is the one which GitHub accepted.

Next, run the SSH command for your CircleCI build, but add the -v flag. In the output, look for one or more lines like this:

debug1: Offering RSA public key: ...

Make sure that the key which GitHub accepted (in our example, /Users/me/.ssh/id_rsa_github) was also offered to CircleCI.

If it was not offered, you can specify it via the -i command-line argument to ssh. For example:

$ ssh -i /Users/me/.ssh/id_rsa_github -p 64784 ubuntu@
Nope, still broken

Drat! Well, contact us and we’ll try to help.