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Test with Sphinx

If your tests require a running Sphinx server you will need to configure and start Sphinx before they run in CircleCI.

Sphinx 2.0.4-release is installed on your build system. It will need to be configured with your sphinx.conf, and started via circle.yml. Here’s an example of how to do so:

    - sudo cp path/to/your/sphinx.conf /etc/sphinxsearch/sphinx.conf
    - sudo sed -i -e 's,START=no,START=yes,' /etc/default/sphinxsearch
    - service sphinxsearch start

In your data source configuration in your test sphinx.conf you can use the MySQL or PostgreSQL servers already in place on the build system. For example, for MySQL:

source src1
  type     = mysql

  sql_host = localhost
  sql_user = ubuntu
  sql_pass =
  sql_db   = circle_test
  sql_port = 3306


Please contact us and let us know if you’re using Sphinx this way! Your feedback helps us keep our documentation up to date, and our services as useable as possible.