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Strategic Value of CircleCI

Maximizing Throughput at Any Scale

From venture-funded startups to the Fortune 500, the best companies want to constantly improve the throughput and quality of their software development. Gone are the days when software delivery can happen occasionally after long planning cycles. To stay competitive, highly effective software organizations reduce risk and accelerate value creation by investing in automation of testing and their software delivery pipeline.

CircleCI Enterprise is designed to accelerate the throughput of your software teams by putting powerful tools into the right hands and eliminating bottlenecks to productivity across your teams.

Maximize the impact of devops

Your devops talent spends less time on maintenance tasks that bottleneck teams and more time investing in improving the productivity of all developers.

  • On-demand fleet provisioning at any scale means no more bottlenecks and overheads to provision environments for each software team.

  • Auto-sync with GitHub leverages your existing investment in SSO integrations and eliminates the time spent on user provisioning or fiddling with permissions.

  • Build configuration in code frees your Devops team from spending time wrangling plugins and configuration.

Minimize developer downtime

Developers spend less time waiting for builds to finish and more time creating valuable software.

  • Instant parallelism at any scale dramatically cuts build times for even the most demanding test suites.

  • Configurable build environments and caching of dependencies and source code speeds up build times.

  • Configuration in code puts power in the hands of developers to tweak the build without waiting for centralized resources to free up.

Continually optimize your software delivery

Never stop improving your software organization.

  • Insights on trends and behaviors inside and across your builds lets you quickly identify bottlenecks that waste everyone’s time.

  • Visibility on the state of your builds gives everyone across the team a clear picture of throughput.

  • Easy per-branch build configuration lets developers experiment without interrupting each other’s builds.