Upgrading a Server Installation

Nomad Launch Configuration

Before upgrading to v2.19, follow this guide to update your nomad launch configuration.

Org Rename Script

If upgrading directly from v2.17 (or below) and you have ever had issues with renaming an organization within CircleCI or you suspect that an organization rename might have happened at any point follow the steps below. If you are running Server v2.18.x already you can skip this section.
  1. SSH into your Services machine

  2. REPL into workflows-conductor by running the following: sudo docker exec -it workflows-conductor lein repl :connect 6005

  3. Go to this link for the org rename script. Copy/paste this script into the REPL session. It will run migration and output current progress.

  4. If any ERROR messages are present in the output please report back to your CSM or reach out to support.

Upgrade Steps Overview

Follow these steps to upgrade your CircleCI Server version.

1. ロールバックのスナップショット

This step is optional but recommended


  1. Go to the Management Console (e.g. your-circleci-hostname.com:8800) and click Stop Now to stop the CircleCI service.

    Stop CircleCI
    Figure 1. Stop CircleCI
  2. Ensure no jobs are running on the nomad clients – you can check this by running nomad status

  3. AWS EC2 管理コンソールにアクセスし、Services マシンのインスタンスを選択します。

  4. Select Actions > Image > Create Image – Select the No Reboot option if you want to avoid downtime at this point. ここでのイメージ作成では、お使いの環境を復元するための新しい EC2 インスタンスとして簡単に起動できる AMI を作成します。

    Snapshot Image Creation
    Figure 2. Snapshot Image Creation
また、AWS APIを使用して、このプロセスを自動化することもできます。 Subsequent AMIs/snapshots are only as large as the difference (changed blocks) since the last snapshot, such that storage costs are not necessarily larger for more frequent snapshots, see Amazon’s EBS snapshot billing document for details. スナップショットを取得したら、Services マシンに自由に変更を加えることができます。

If you do need to rollback at any point, see our guide to restoring from a backup.

2. Updating Replicated

a. 前提条件

  • Ubuntu 14.04 または 16.04 ベースの環境を使用していること

  • お使いの環境が孤立して*おらず*、インターネットにアクセスできること.

  • We will be updating to Replicated v2.38.6, but first we need to check you are running at least v2.10.3 on your Services machine. To check this, SSH into the Services machine and run the following:

    replicated --version

    If you are running a version of Replicated pre v2.10.3 please reach out to support@circleci.com. If you are already on v2.38.6 or above you can skip the next step and move to upgrade the CircleCI application

b. 準備

Remember to take a snapshot (described above) before starting the Replicated update process
  1. Stop the CircleCI application by clicking the Stop Now button on the Dashboard. アプリケーションのシャットダウンには数分かかります。 Wait for the status to become “Stopped” before continuing.

    Stop the CircleCI Application
    Figure 3. Stop the CircleCI Application

    Alternatively you can SSH into the Services machine and stop the CircleCI application from the command line:

    replicatedctl app stop

    You can check the status using the followng:

    replicatedctl app status inspect


            "AppID": "edd9471be0bc4ea04dfca94718ddf621",
            "Sequence": 2439,
            "State": "stopped",
            "DesiredState": "stopped",
            "Error": "",
            "IsCancellable": false,
            "IsTransitioning": false,
            "LastModifiedAt": "2018-10-23T22:00:21.314987894Z"
  2. For the replicated update to succeed, it is necessary to update docker to the recommended version, 17.12.1. Check which version you are running with docker version and if you need to update, follow these steps:

    sudo apt-get install docker-ce=17.12.1~ce-0~ubuntu
  3. 以下のコマンドを使用して Docker のバージョンを固定します。

    sudo apt-mark hold docker-ce

c. Perform Update

  1. 以下のように更新スクリプトを実行して、Replicated の更新を実行します。

    curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.38.6" | sudo bash

    Replicated と Docker の両方のバージョンをチェックしてください。

    replicatedctl version    # 2.38.6
    docker -v                # 17.12.1
  2. 以下のコマンドでアプリケーションを再起動します。

    replicatedctl app start

    アプリケーションのスピンアップには数分かかります。 以下のコマンドを実行するか、管理ダッシュボードにアクセスして進行状況を確認できます。

    replicatedctl app status inspect


            "AppID": "edd9471be0bc4ea04dfca94718ddf621",
            "Sequence": 2439,
            "State": "started",
            "DesiredState": "started",
            "Error": "",
            "IsCancellable": true,
            "IsTransitioning": true,
            "LastModifiedAt": "2018-10-23T22:04:05.00374451Z"

3. Upgrade CircleCI Server

  1. Once you are running the latest version of Replicated, click the View Update button in the Management Console dashboard.

    View Available Updates
    Figure 4. View Available Updates
  2. Click Install next to the version you wish to install.

    Please refresh your screen intermittently during the install process to avoid unnecessary waiting.
    View Available Releases
    Figure 5. View Available Releases

    The install process may take several minutes and the install status will be displayed both on the Releases page and the main Dashboard.

  3. Once the installation is finished, navigate to the Dashboard to start your installation - Note the middle box on the Dashboard will read "CircleCI is up to date" when you are running the latest version.

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