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CircleCI Server v2.19.x What’s New

This document provides a summary of features and product notes for the release of CircleCI Server v2.19.1. For a full list of changes, including patch releases, refer to the changelog. For a step by step guide to upgrading your CircleCI Server installation to v2.19.1, see our upgrade guide.

Requirements for Upgrading

For AWS installs, before upgrading to v2.19.x, follow this guide to update your nomad launch configuration.
If at any time your organization name has been changed, there is a script that must be run before stating the upgrade process. If you are already running v2.18.x, you will have run this already.

Notes and Best Practices

  • We now require a minimum 32GB of RAM for the Services Machine.

  • We made some changes to our Redis configuration in v2.18. If you have externalized Redis then you’ll need to update your configuration. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are upgrading from pre v2.18 to v2.19.

  • We have made changes to our Postgres version and require at least postgreSQL v9.5.16. If you have externalized postgreSQL then please update to at least that version in 2.17.x before upgrading to 2.19.1.

What’s New in v2.19.1

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some customers from upgrading due to a schema change in one of our library dependencies.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some customers from inspecting builds via SSH due to a logic change in our build agent.

What’s New in v2.19

Known Issues

  • If you are using an HTTP proxy for your installation, do not upgrade to v2.19.x until further notice. We have known issues around job step logging and docker commands customization that make the current 2.19.x releases incompatible with an HTTP proxy setup of CircleCI Server. This issue will be fixed in a future 2.19.x patch release and the 'safe' version will be flagged up clearly for affected customers.

  • The first user to access a CircleCI Server installation should be granted admin access. Currently, there is an issue preventing this from happening when LDAP authentication is in use. Follow this guide for a workaround.