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CircleCI Server v3.x Load Balancers

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Server v3.x
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  • Make the frontend load balancer private

CircleCI server uses load balancers to manage network traffic entering and leaving the Kubernetes services cluster. The three load balancers managing traffic to the Nomad cluster are internal to the VPC and they manage the distribution of jobs to the various compute resources.

The frontend load balancer manages traffic coming from developers and your VCS, including through the API, the CLI, and CircleCI app. The frontend load balancer is public by default, but can be made private.

Make the frontend load balancer private

  1. From the management console, select Config from the menu bar and locate the Private load balancers option under General Settings.

  2. Check the box next to Private load balancers.

If you are changing this setting after the initial deployment of CircleCI server, you may need to delete the old public load balancer so that Kubernetes requests a new load balancer with the new configuration.

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