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Why CircleCI and GitHub Enterprise?


Customize the CPU and RAM allocated to each one of your jobs so that your workflows are never slowed down by inadequate provisioning.


Build, spin-up and execute on any Docker image, use any language that runs on Linux or macOS, and enable advanced job orchestration using workflows.


Cache dependencies, Docker layers and more using CircleCI’s advanced caching strategies to save time when running multiple jobs across a number of projects.


Automatically adopt user permissions from your GitHub org, execute CI/CD jobs at the branch level, and protect sensitive secrets using environment variables and contexts.

How does CircleCI integrate with GitHub?

CircleCI can be installed on-premise or in your private cloud. Simply connect CircleCI with your GitHub instance for worry-free integration between your codebase and your CI/CD solution.

Diagram showing how CircleCI integrates with GitHub.
Toshimasa Ishibashi
“From simple setup and easy integration across GitHub, Chat apps, Docker (and more) to the ability to deploy to different environments from production, QA, and staging, CircleCI has proven to be completely indispensable for our business.”

Toshimasa Ishibashi
Co-founder and CTO at Kaizen Platform

Zain Memon
“CircleCI is both the fastest and the easiest CI I’ve used to date.”

Zain Memon
Director of Engineering at Opendoor