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Does your team use GitLab? The CircleCI team is building support for GitLab users, in addition to the VCS providers we currently support. Sign up for updates on GitLab support.

GitLab users switching to CircleCI will be able to:

  • Control each stage of development with workflows
  • Use SSH debugging in real-time to troubleshoot problems
  • Host in the cloud with the option to use self-hosted runners, or manage everything on your own infrastructure
  • Simplify project setup by integrating reusable config with your existing software

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CircleCI for CI/CD:

Access powerful workflows

Customize environments for your build, test, and deploy cycle.

Host in the cloud or on your own infrastructure

CircleCI can manage your CI/CD in our cloud and instantly release new features, or you can manage everything on-premise with our server solution.

Automate with pre-built integrations

Maximize developer efficiency with shareable packages of CircleCI config called orbs. From vulnerability scanning to deployment, automate your entire software stack.

Use a CI/CD solution that prioritizes security

At CircleCI, our top concern is protecting the sensitive information of our users. We’re the first FedRAMP authorized CI/CD platform, and we’re SOC 2 and Privacy Shield compliant.


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