Keep your toolchain flexible

Not sure if you want to adopt a single vendor’s approach when it comes to your entire development lifecycle? See if CircleCI is right for you.

Flexibility. Power. Control.

CircleCI gives your team incredible flexibility: use the best tools for your team, at each stage of your growth. Because all of CircleCI’s configuration is done via a .yml file, you can add and remove tools and integrations as needed, with first-class integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, Docker, Slack, AWS, and the other best-in-class tools great teams rely on. GitLab CI only works for GitLab customers.

Focus and support

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is CircleCI’s only focus. We deliver developer empowerment, compliance-friendly security, and the controls professional teams need. Need custom SLAs for your global organization? Our support organization is on hand to make sure you are successful whenever and wherever you are.

Scale on-demand, in the Cloud or behind your firewall

With CircleCI, adding and removing builders is as easy as changing a setting. When your team is ramping up for a big launch or a holiday traffic burst, you can add capacity so developers are never waiting on machines or behind other builds. With GitLab CI, developers need to manage their own infrastructure to keep builds flowing.


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