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Inspiring software teams trust CircleCI to build amazing applications.

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Quick setup

Signup. Add a Project to CircleCI. Start building and testing right away. It's that simple! CircleCI automatically infers the settings from your code to get your team building faster. You can also setup a project manually or add a circle.yml file to customize your workflow.


CircleCI supports your favorite build tools like Maven, Gradle, and others. CircleCI has compilers for Java, Scala, CoffeeScript, Haskell, Less, and others built into the platform. CircleCI integrates with your tools and offers the flexibility to work in your build environment.


It is paramount to have confidence in the code you ship. CircleCI provides first-class support for most test runners, including RSpec, Cucumber, Django, Nose, and many more. Focus on shipping great products and let us worry about testing your code.


CircleCI makes it easy to configure your workflow and push to any deployment host. Quickly integrate with Heroku, AWS CodeDeploy, Google Cloud Platform, and many others. Automatically have each successful build on master trigger your code to dev, staging, or production.

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