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Opendoor relies on CircleCI for fast, bug-free software builds

Why CircleCI?

Opendoor helps take the hassle out of home buying and selling, so people can sell their houses quickly and get great deals on new homes. The company has been using CircleCI since Opendoor launched in 2014, and can roll out new product features faster while improving developer productivity. “As we grow, it’s important that software quality doesn’t deteriorate,” says Zain Memon, Opendoor engineer. “CircleCI helps us make sure that quality remains high.”

The Challenge

Opendoor splits its development team between product engineering and data science, since it builds tools for home buyers and sellers and also crunches data to predict home values and market risk. Since developers are always iterating new features, like an app for scheduling home viewings, they need to test dozens of new builds a day.

The Solution

With CircleCI, Opendoor developers can quickly run tests on every commit. By finding and fixing bugs before going into production, developers can be sure they’re delivering quality software. Since they spend less time on iterating while also boosting quality of software, Opendoor developers can focus on brainstorming new product features that customers need. “CircleCI helped us shave many minutes off our build time. We save tons of developer time with CircleCI,” says Zain.


Line、Frontend Engineer

「CIはプロダクトを作るために欠かせないツールです。CircleCI は容易に導入でき、高い信頼性でチームの開発生産性を高めてくれました。テストやコード解析、ビルドなど様々な場面で利用しています。」

メルカリ、Software Engineer in Test

「既に Orbs や CircleCI を活用されているお客様が数多くいらっしゃったので、 当社の Orb をお客様がスムーズに取得・導入できるかどうかはそれほど心配し ていませんでした。実際、追加の作業は一切不要で、とても簡単に利用してい ただけました。」

Cory Virok 氏
Rollbar、共同創業者兼 CTO

「当社では、ほぼすべてのワークフローが同じ大きなパターンに沿っているため 、その仕様を一元的に定義できるのは、実に便利な機能でした。すべてのリポ ジトリを 1 つの Orb でセットアップできるので、更新するときも 1 か所で変 更するだけで済むのです。これによって、変更のロールアウトにかかる時間が 大幅に短縮され、数日の節約が可能になりました。」

Kelsey Steinbeck
Indigo、ソフトウェア エンジニアリング ディレクター

About Opendoor

Opendoor was started in March of 2014 to dramatically simplify home buying and selling by making it simple, instant and online. Homeowners can go to and receive a competitive offer within 24 hours and close on their timeline. For home buyers, Opendoor makes it easier to find and purchase the perfect home with industry innovations like all day, every day open houses.




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