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How Tanda democratized their DevOps with CircleCI

CircleCI gives Tanda more visibility and transparency into the engineering process, making DevOps a shared responsibility across the organization.

The Challenge

Before using CircleCI, workforce management platform Tanda was constantly experiencing flaky tests and their previous CI/CD provider did not provide enough support for their new mobile-native projects. Plus, their engineering team lacked an effective way to communicate updates on the development process to other parts of the organization. It felt nearly impossible to keep up with and support the platform’s growth.

The Solution

As a growing startup, feedback and the ability to quickly adapt to customer needs is very important to Tanda and their customers. Engineers work collaboratively with customer-facing team members, and CircleCI allows them to communicate clearly between colleagues, and make rapid changes that can go straight to production.

“The transparency and visibility [of CircleCI] enable our teams to collaborate more effectively and have a very high level of trust and autonomy,” said Adam Lyons, VP of Engineering at Tanda.

Quick feedback loops and a fast CI/CD pipeline allow the Tanda engineering team to do regular end-to-end production deployments and get products into their customers’ hands more quickly.

“The feedback within the CircleCI UI gives us great visibility into the pipeline, allows us to make changes fast, and iterate and react to customer changes as quickly as possible,” Lyons said.

Why CircleCI

CircleCI is the best CI/CD tool for Tanda because the platform can support both web and mobile apps, as well as run tests, staging, and AWS deployment, all within pipelines.

Lyons and his team also appreciate the deep insights into build status and the ability to watch the full deployment of an update at a very granular level.

But the biggest advantage Tanda has gained from using CircleCI is the seamless collaboration between teams. “CircleCI has enabled us to make DevOps a shared responsibility that can be done by everyone,” said Lyons. “That means more shared knowledge among the team, so there’s no bottleneck. This really helps with democratizing the DevOps process.”

Adam Lyons
「CircleCI has enabled us to make DevOps a shared responsibility that can be done by everyone. That means more shared knowledge among the team, so there’s no bottleneck.」

Adam Lyons
Tanda | VP of Engineering

About Tanda

Tanda is a workforce management platform based in Brisbane, Australia. From payroll processing to onboarding and employee attendance tracking, Tanda provides everything companies need for a successful workforce.






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