CircleCI Technology Partner Program

Work with us to help customers better build, validate, secure, and deploy their applications.

Expand your solution reach with CircleCI

Make it easy for customers to leverage your solution with certified integrations.

Gain access to over 300,000 developers through the CircleCI platform.

Promote your solution through joint go-to-market activities with CircleCI.

Easily integrate your solution with CircleCI with Orbs.

Orbs are packages of CircleCI configuration that make it simple to integrate third-party services into our customers’ build processes.

  • Powerful and efficient

    Simplify customers' integration efforts by encapsulating any complexities of scripting your integrations into drop-in jobs and commands.

  • Cleaner config and code versioning

    With an intuitive design and framework, orbs are easily maintained through configuration and versioning.

Example orbs

Get started quickly

It’s easy to get up and running as a CircleCI Technology Partner.

Become a partner
step 1 Sign up to be a Technology Partner.

step 2 Create a CircleCI Orb for your solution.

step 3 Participate in joint marketing opportunities with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Orb とは CircleCI の構成をまとめたパッケージで、複数のプロジェクト間で共有できます。Orb を使用すると、サードパーティのサービスをビルド プロセスに簡単に統合できます。

Orb は CircleCI の構成をまとめたパッケージであり、Orb のインテグレーションを作成するためにソリューションまたは CircleCI プラットフォームを変更する必要はありません。どれくらいのユース ケースをサポート対象とするのかにもよりますが、シンプルな Orb であればわずか 30 分で作成できます。


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