November 2019 Newsletter

New data report on user research opportunities, public beta of convenience images, and more.

Product updates

Check out what 30 million workflows reveal about DevOps in practice

Cover of The Data-Driven Case for CI ebook.

What does a high performing technology delivery team look like? To find out, we analyzed efficiency data across over 30 million workflows. We discovered that high performing teams don’t deploy thousands of times a day or spend millions on infrastructure. Instead, they start by adopting CI. Our team found that:

  • Teams that use CircleCI run efficient builds: 80% of all workflows finish in less than 10 minutes.
  • CI helps teams stay in flow and keep work moving by providing signal that helps developers recover at high speeds.
  • Teams that are just average at CI are ranked as high-performers in DevOps success.

Our results show that continuous integration is a clear path to becoming a high performing team, and teams who commit to the practice of CI can produce the best software, consistently, confidently, and at high velocity. Download the report to learn more.

Help us build the next generation of CircleCI convenience images

We’re building new Docker images from the ground up with CI, efficiency, and determinism in mind, and we want your input!

We maintain a fleet of Docker convenience images for various languages and databases. These images are designed to run in a CI environment as opposed to production or local environments, and they exist to serve as a quick and convenient starting point for users. We’re developing our new images to include faster spin up time, improved reliability & stability, and automated docs.

We invite you to check out our public beta images and share your feedback! Learn more here.

Be a part of CircleCI’s product development process

Right now, we’re in the process of developing a new integration for GitLab users, and we want your input. If you build on GitLab and are interested in taking part in the development process, fill out this brief survey. Qualified participants will earn a $75 gift card for completing a 30-minute interview with our team of researchers.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

Continuous integration that you can trust: announcing SOC 2 compliance

At CircleCI, we care about security - last year, we became the first CI/CD tool to meet the rigorous security and privacy standards required by government agencies to get FedRAMP authorized. Now, CircleCI is SOC 2 compliant, adding another industry-recognized security accreditation. Read more here.

Highlighted orbs

CircleCI orbs provided reusable packages of config that let you easily integrate with other platforms and tools. We currently offer two types of orbs: orbs that have been developed by the CircleCI team or trusted partners, and orbs developed by the community (note that community orbs are not owned or formally reviewed by CircleCI). Both of these orb types are open source and available for all customers to use.

Starting next month, we’d like to start highlighting community orbs alongside the partner orbs that we typically share in this newsletter. If you’re an orb author and you’d like to see your orb published in our next newsletter, please submit it for consideration here. Once you’ve filled out the form, double-check that your orb page includes some usage examples.

Each month, we will review submissions and highlight community orbs that we think our developer base will find useful. For tips on how to create a great community orb, check out this blog post.

  • Telegram - Add custom Telegram notifications into your CircleCI projects.
  • React-Native - Build and test React Native projects
  • CircleCI Rememborb - Persists environment variables across steps in a job, or across jobs in a workflow.
  • CircleCI Python - Lets users manage common CircleCI tasks for the Python programming language.

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