September 2019 Newsletter

Read about or new UI, our Google Binary Authorization orb, and how to contribute to CircleCI open source projects for Hacktoberfest.

Product updates

Get a preview of our new UI: starting with updates to the Job Details page

Some users with pipelines enabled on their projects will notice a banner on the Job Details page where they can opt-in to explore our new UI. Some exciting updates to look forward to:

  • An improved organization of the Jobs page
  • An option to open a specific Step in a new tab
  • A redesigned dashboard that lists recent pipeline runs

For more information, view this Discuss post and the update details on our changelog.

Streamlined macOS delivery

We know how painful it is to have delays in Xcode image availability.

Our team has been working to streamline our process, and we are now down to under 3 days from Apple release to availability on CircleCI on the last four image updates. Check our changelog for future Xcode updates.

Interested in using CircleCI to run GPU jobs on Linux or Windows?

We’re looking for feedback on our approach to GPU support on CircleCI. If you’re interested in getting early access to GPU resources when they are available, please fill out this form.

Want to keep up with our feature releases? Visit our changelog and subscribe to the RSS feed.


Join us for Hacktoberfest by Digital Ocean!

Participate in Hacktoberfest with CircleCI. Contribute to open source projects on CircleCI to earn limited edition Hacktoberfest swag.

Hacktoberfest is a month-long contest beginning October 1 that encourages participants from around the world to contribute to open source projects. The challenge put to developers is to submit four quality pull requests during the month of October to any public open source repository on GitHub.

This year we’re encouraging participants to complete their PRs on CircleCI orbs to earn exclusive #orbtoberfest swag. We will also be hosting open hack nights to offer a space for participants to network with the open source community and to complete their PRs. Up for the challenge? Join us at one of our upcoming meet-ups and learn more here.

October 10 — Virtual meetup
October 15 — Seattle, WA
October 28 — New York, NY

Hacktoberfest provides a great opportunity for the community to get involved in both improving and using our orbs. If you’ve authored an orb, you can prepare your orb for Hacktoberfest to increase visibility and encourage contributions from the community.

New to CircleCI? Introducing on-demand training through Pluralsight

We are pleased to announce a “Getting Started with CircleCI” training course via the Pluralsight technology skills platform. Now, your teams can learn how to use the advanced CI/CD tools that CircleCI has to offer through a structured, sequential curriculum. Some of the tutorials include:

  • How to get your first green build
  • How to use git push to trigger builds
  • A walkthrough tour of the CircleCI dashboard

Don’t have a Pluralsight account? Sign up for a 10-day free trial to view the trainings.

CircleCI releases Google Binary Authorization orb

We are proud to be a launch partner for Google’s recent general-availability release of Binary Authorization, a security control for container images deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine. Our Binary Authorization orb simplifies the process of validating images that are built, tested, and deployed using CircleCI, ensuring only those images that have been signed by trusted authorities during the CI/CD process can be run on GKE. Read more about this orb in our blog post.

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