January 2020 Newsletter

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Product updates

Our new UI is live!

All new CircleCI users that signed up after January 8th, 2020 will automatically see our pipelines-centric UI. If you’re an existing CircleCI user and you haven’t opted-in to the new UI yet, you can do so by clicking the blue banner at the top of the Job Details page. To view the new UI, you must have pipelines processing enabled for your project.

GIF of a CircleCI user opting in to the new UI.

v2 of our API is stable

Several endpoints in our v2 API are now stable. With these endpoints, you can accomplish tasks such as triggering workflows and pipelines with parameters. There are over a dozen additional endpoints in v2 that are still in preview, and we will be announcing these as stable on a rolling basis. With the stability of v2, we are also issuing a special deprecation notice for a single endpoint. On or after March 1, 2020 we will be ending the ability to trigger jobs using the v1.1 API (in the API this is done with a POST request to a specific project). View our API v2 and API reference docs to learn more.

Preview our new insights API endpoints!

With our insights API, you can retrieve aggregate historic data on credit consumption and duration at the workflow level. Check out our examples of how to view aggregate data at a workflow level and how to view workflow execution data. To learn more, you can read the GitHub repo here.

Automate deploys to AWS, GCP, K8s, and more with new and updated continuous deployment orbs

CircleCI and technology partners have introduced a suite of deployment orbs to help teams easily set up continuous deployment from their existing pipelines. These orbs help teams deploy to popular services like AWS ECS, AWS Serverless, and GCP - without having to invest hours of dev time setting up the integration. Read more about how to use deployment orbs here.

macOS developers: Xcode 11.3.1 is now available

Xcode 11.3.1 is now available for CircleCI customers. You can find the details of the software installed in the Xcode 11.3.1 image and learn more about all available images for macOS in our docs. You can also view changes to the 11.3 image in this article on Discuss.

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