July 2020 Newsletter

July product updates: Our new and improved UI, study participants needed, and more

July 2020 product updates

Access to our legacy UI will be removed on August 14, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has posted, tweeted, and completed UX sessions with us as we built our new UI. Over the past few months, we’ve shipped a number of improvements to our new UI, including a cross-project view at the pipelines level, type-to-search filtering, and more. With these improvements, we are ready to advance into our pipelines-based future and on August 14th, we will shut down access to the old UI.

We’re going to continue making UX improvements, and we’re confident they’ll help you ship code better and faster. Read our announcement for more information.

Configuration validation update

As of July 7th, 2020, we’ve begun work to strengthen our 2.1 configuration for step validation in jobs to provide more informative error output. See specific changes in this article along with examples.

RAM Disk

Javascript projects on CircleCI now have access to configuring RAM disk as a way of performing I/O heavy operations in-memory rather than on SSD. Using the RAM disk can significantly speed up these operations leading to faster, more consistent job run times. See the changelog for more details and read more on our blog here.

1-click project setup

You can now commit config directly from the Project Set-Up page to your repo with 1-click. The same config can also be downloaded and committed manually.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

CircleCI Academy featured content

A new, 6-min course on using orbs (and more!) in CircleCI Academy

This month in CircleCI Academy, we’re featuring a new training on how to use orbs, so you can scale intelligently without rewriting code. Orbs are packages of CircleCI YAML configuration that contain predefined commands, executors, and jobs. Sign up for CircleCI Academy here.

Are you a new CircleCI user? You should check out our General Developer Training, a course designed to help you get started on our cloud-hosted solution. The lessons will guide you from version control system (VCS) to your first green build, detailing the basics of our platform along the way.

If you’re a first time CircleCI Academy user, please use access code public-2021 when you register. Contact academy@circleci.com with any questions.

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