June 2020 Newsletter

Approve jobs with the v2 API endpoint, new plan settings, and six tips for easy CI config

June 2020 product updates

Six tips to make CI config a breeze

Configuring CI pipelines can be a difficult task for teams. To jump-start this process, our customer engineering team put together a config optimization guide with tips and recommendations for making config optimization easier.

Approve jobs with the v2 API endpoint

Users can now approve jobs through the v2 API. This is important for organizations with audit, security, and compliance needs where approval is a critical step. Automate workflows without logging into CircleCI and integrate with third-party tools to run approvals.

API rate limiting

CircleCI is introducing a new set of API rate-limiting measures to ensure stability for all users. Check out the documentation to learn more.

New plan settings

We rolled out a new Plan Overview, Plan Usage, and Share & Transfer pages. You’ll find more details about your plans, as well as usage breakdown by compute types, in the changelog.

Container cgroup limits now visible

Container cgroup limits are now visible when using the Docker executor. This means that container-aware build tooling now correctly detects the number of CPUs and amount of RAM available for the job. This feature is being rolled out gradually to avoid incompatibility issues.

Looking for your expertise & input

We are conducting a survey to help us better understand how users evaluate CircleCI. This short, 5-minute survey will ask about your work experience and what features and tools you find most important on a CI/CD platform. We would really appreciate your feedback! Start the survey here if you’d like to share your input.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

CircleCI Academy featured content

Learn how to run jobs across Docker, Linux, Android, macOS, and Windows with the new Build Environments course on CircleCI Academy, our free technical training platform. If you’re new to CircleCI Academy, please use access code public-2021 when you register.

Contact academy@circleci.com with any questions.

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