May 2020 Newsletter

May updates from CircleCI: custom Docker images, UI updates, new CircleCI Academy courses, and more!

May 2020 product updates

Approve jobs with the new v2 API endpoint

Users can now approve jobs via the v2 API. This is important for organizations with audit, security, and compliance needs where approval is a critical step. Now, customers can automate their workflows without logging into CircleCI, and integrate with third-party tools to run approvals.

Create a custom Docker image to run your CI builds

We recently released a new fleet of convenience images. These pre-made Docker images are built with fewer layers to increase efficiency. They are quicker to download when a build starts and will only be rebuilt for security and critical bugs. Read our recent blog post to help determine if your team would benefit from building a custom Docker image, and join us at our upcoming webinar to learn more.

Minimize your config-related errors

Our new autocommit and config editor are now live. Autocommit enables users to commit a sample directly to a new branch in a repo when adding a project. Config-related errors account for 70% of all build errors. This tool reduces those errors so you can build faster.

UI improvements

  • Type-to-search branch filtering. You can now type-to-search inside of the branch filter on the pipelines page in the UI.
  • Status icon in main nav. There is now a status icon in the UI menu. This icon will update to show the current CircleCI status as OPERATIONAL, DEGRADED, PARTIAL OUTAGE, or OUTAGE.
  • Help icon in main navigation. There is now a help icon in the UI menu. When expanded, the help menu includes links to docs, Discuss, support, premium support, orbs, and feature requests.

Head to our UI to check out these updates!

Xcode 11.5 Beta 1 image released

Xcode 11.5 Beta 1 image has been released. Read more here.

Looking for your expertise & input

We are conducting a survey to help us better understand how users evaluate CircleCI. This short, 5-minute survey will ask about your work experience and what features and tools you find most important on a CI/CD platform. We would really appreciate your feedback! Start the survey here if you’d like to share your input.

Get early access to our Jenkinsfile converter!

Our team is working on a Jenkinsfile converter to help users easily migrate their projects to our platform. The converter is for declarative (pipeline) syntax Jenkinsfiles only and we want your feedback! Sign up here to get early access. View the preview release here.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

CircleCI Academy featured content

Two new lessons are now available on CircleCI Academy, our free technical training platform.

  • iOS Code Signing: in this lesson, we show you a simple method for automatically code signing your projects during your CircleCI jobs.
  • Parallelism: in this lesson, you will learn how parallelism and test splitting can dramatically improve the speed of your jobs.

If you are a first time CircleCI Academy user, please use access code public-2021 when you register.

Contact with any questions.

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