November 2020 Newsletter

Introducing self-hosted runners! Read on for more CircleCI news.

Product updates

Our platform, your compute: introducing self-hosted runners

Over the last nine years, we’ve been continuously improving our cloud-hosted compute options. But some use cases require the added control of self-hosted infrastructure. Self-hosted runners on our new Scale plan fill that gap, allowing your team to:

  • Meet strict security and compliance requirements. In heavily regulated sectors, like finance and government, not all workloads are permitted to run in the cloud. Self-hosted runners let you choose which jobs run in the cloud and which run on your own infrastructure.
  • Run jobs on unique compute. The runner software can be installed in a variety of self-hosted environments, so you can use CircleCI to build wherever you need.
  • Run self-hosted and cloud-hosted jobs side-by-side. Reduce maintenance by using our cloud-hosted compute for standard workloads and self-hosted runners when you need additional control, all in the same pipeline.

Learn more about self-hosted runners

Insights dashboard time filters

Our customers’ top request for the Insights dashboard is now live. You can filter your dashboard based on the previous 24-hours, or 7/30/60/90 day time windows to get a more granular view of your data. These new time filters allow your team to answer questions like, “Did my latest configuration change increase our average duration?” “What does our 90-day success rate look like?” Want to see more on Insights? Let us know here.

New Insights project picker

You can now filter the projects you want to view on the Insights dashboard, making navigation easier and more intuitive.

Learn more about Insights.

Introducing the new Orb Development Kit

You can now generate a full-featured orb sample project from the CLI, containing complete example code with automatic testing and an integrated CI/CD pipeline.

Learn how to develop and publish orbs in our docs.

UI improvements

Easily follow or unfollow projects from the Pipelines page and toggle to auto-collapse pipelines. In project settings, you can now import environment variables from one project to another.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

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