October 2020 Newsletter

Bring build data to life with Insights, updates on Docker rate limits, new PR triggers via the API, and more.

Product updates

Introducing the new CircleCI Insights dashboard

  • Track status: see which jobs and workflows are failing so you can improve your pipelines.
  • Monitor duration: find out which workflows are taking the longest. Look for opportunities to speed things up with caching or our convenience images.
  • Optimize pipelines: understand your success rate, mean time to recovery, and how credits are spent across workflows.

With Insights, you can find and fix bottlenecks to increase delivery speed.

Read our blog for more details.

CircleCI users won’t be impacted by Docker Hub limits

Good news! We have partnered with Docker to ensure that CircleCI users can continue to access Docker Hub without rate limits. On November 1, with few exceptions, you should not be impacted by any rate limits when pulling images from Docker Hub through CircleCI.

Learn more here.

Introducing multiple contexts per workflow

Workflows can now access more than one context. This allows for reusability and greater security for your project’s secrets or keys. Head over to our docs to learn more.

Additional pull request triggers for pipelines via API

Pipelines for PRs, PR merge commits, and forked PRs can now be triggered via the API to help you better validate new code.

→ Read more in the API docs.

Browser-specific Docker images are now supported

Ensure that your application runs smoothly on browsers of your choice on every commit. Learn more here. New to CircleCI convenience images? Watch this 6-minute tutorial.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

See all resources available on the CircleCI Developer Hub.

Share your feedback

Join the CircleCI research panel to evaluate new features and ideas and help us make your job faster and easier. Opt-in and opt-out at any time to get invitations — we’re always happy to have you.

→ Find out more about the CircleCI research panel.

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