September 2020 Newsletter

Our new developer hub, 10 upcoming webinars, and a new Jenkinsfile converter.

New resources for developers

Introducing CircleCI’s developer hub

We now offer a way for our user community to find config optimizations, migration guides and tools, and CircleCI docs in our new developer hub. Read more here.

Need help migrating Jenkins projects to CircleCI? We can help.

Our new Jenkinsfile converter makes it easy to move projects from Jenkins to CircleCI. Try out the converter on our new developer hub, and read our blog post for more details.

We also updated the error message for empty config files triggering a pipeline. The message has been improved to both clearly state the problem, and provide a way to get back to the project setup to add a config.

Introducing multiple contexts per workflow

Workflows can now access more than one context. This allows for reusability and greater security for your project’s secrets or keys. Head over to our docs to learn more.

Explore our improved workflow map & other UI updates

Example of the worflow map in CircleCI's UI

We made the workflow map in the UI easier to understand, so you can better see how your jobs connect and progress.

Also new to the UI:

Updates to our convenience images:

  • We updated our base Ubuntu Docker image for Linux. It now includes default aws-cli v2 and a switch to OpenJDK 11 from OpenJDK 8. More here.
  • Our new Python convenience image is now available. It’s a faster, more stable, and more deterministic image.

Keep up with our latest feature updates on our changelog.

CircleCI Academy courses

  • Check out a new module on Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) in our Build-Test-Deploy course and learn how to use HashiCorp Terraform to provision, deploy, and destroy infrastructure.
  • General Developer Training: our recommended course for new users, designed to take you from authorizing with version control to your first green build.

If you’re a first time CircleCI Academy user, please use access code public-2021 when you register. Contact with any questions.

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