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Join the webhooks open preview, new custom DevOps training, and more

New from CircleCI in July

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Webhooks are now in open preview for partners and customers

With webhooks, you can build customizable integrations by reacting to pipeline statuses in a simple and efficient way. Webhooks notify you about CI pipeline events at the workflow- and job-level, allowing you to troubleshoot deployments, create custom dashboards, and much more.

Interested in trying out webhooks?

If you’re a CircleCI cloud customer, here’s how to join our open preview:

  1. Visit the CircleCI dashboard
  2. Access webhooks through the project settings

Whether you’re using webhooks to build custom reporting dashboards or connect to popular platforms like Zapier or Airtable, we would love to hear your feedback.

We’re also looking for Technology Partners interested in exploring joint use cases with webhooks such as analytics, notifications, incident management, and monitoring. If you have an existing CircleCI orb or integration that would benefit from webhooks, reach out to partners@circleci.com for more information.

Server 3.1: the power of CircleCI on your own infrastructure

Server 3.1 provides added visibility and control for teams who want to self-host CircleCI. This latest release has new backup and restore features, as well as increased observability for monitoring the health of your server instance. Check out the server changelog below for the full list of updates.

Visit the server changelog

Featured Resources

  • Dynamic config demo. Dynamic config enables you to reduce build time and increase pipeline control by running targeted subsets of configuration. Learn how to generate valid YAML at runtime using dynamic config in this demo video.
  • Live training: developer-led courses for every team. Choose from new training options designed to meet your team’s CI/CD experience, schedules, and budget. We now offer live training on different DevOps topics, as well as customizable private training, that can be taught virtually or on-site. Learn more about our training resources.

Join us for our upcoming webinars

Automating Test Environments with CircleCI
August 24 @ 12:00 PM ET | 4 PM GMT - Register now

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See our open positions

Do you know someone looking for an opportunity to work in CI/CD? Send them over to our careers page to see open roles for our growing teams.

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Share your feedback

Join the CircleCI research panel to evaluate new features and ideas and help us make your job faster and easier. Opt-in to get invitations and opt-out at any time. We’re always happy to have you.

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Extend your pipeline with our newest orbs

Snyk: added support for Infrastructure as Code
This update adds a new job and new commands for Snyk IaC. View documentation on how to use the new orb.

Codecov: usage and token parameter additions
A new usage example was added to the Codecov orb and the new token parameter uses env_var_name. Find the updated orb in our dev hub.

Easily integrate with third-party tools
Check out our other new partner orbs for the month of July and learn how to simplify building, security, and testing in your pipeline.

View all orbs in the developer hub

See the latest features on our changelog.

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