Automate your pipeline from commit to deploy

Continuous integration and delivery that helps your team move quickly, without breaking things.


Set up your software delivery pipeline to match how your team works. Choose your tools, and connect them here.

Integrate with GitHub and Bitbucket

Authenticate with GitHub or Bitbucket to get your DevOps pipeline up and running quickly. If you use GitHub Enterprise, talk to us about hosting CircleCI in your private cloud.

Build on Linux, Windows, or macOS

We support any language or framework that runs on Linux, Windows, or macOS. Mix different environments in a single workflow.

Full support for Docker

Build, test, deploy, and orchestrate any Docker images with ease.

Configuration as code

CircleCI configuration lives in your source code. Easily refine and test configuration for new releases on separate branches, and share commonly used commands, jobs, and executors with orbs.


Create intelligent and efficient frameworks to orchestrate CI/CD jobs using a declarative YAML syntax. If you can declare it, you can do it in CircleCI.

SSH Debugging

Debugging can be a pain when your tests are running in a black box. With CircleCI, developers can SSH into running jobs from their local machine to quickly diagnose issues.


Maintaining a secure, developer-friendly delivery pipeline shouldn’t give you a headache. We built CircleCI from the ground up to be efficient for developers without sacrificing admin controls. Choose our cloud-hosted service that we manage (SaaS), or run your own instance of CircleCI on your infrastructure (self-hosted).


  • Runtime isolation

  • Encrypted environment variable storage

  • Team-level permissioning for sensitive keys

  • Manual approval steps

  • Audit logging

Build with CircleCI

Hear how CircleCI customers have automated their DevOps pipelines. See more case studies.


“A fast and reliable CI/CD solution is critical. It ensures features get to our customers on time and bug-free.”

Kyle Espinola

Kyle Espinola

Senior Software Engineer Team Lead

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“By allowing us not to focus on infrastructure, we’re able to aim [our efforts] where we think we can provide more value, and that’s one of the great takeaways I’ve had from working with CircleCI.”

Eric Nakagawa

Eric Nakagawa

Head of Open Source

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Dollar Shave Club

“Before using CircleCI, unit testing was a significant pain point for us. CircleCI has significantly simplified setup and maintenance of our test environment and this allows us to run and maintain a stable test suite increasing the team’s confidence in the test results.”

Jason Bosco

Jason Bosco

VP of Engineering, Core Platform & Infrastructure

Read Dollar Shave Club case study


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