Interact with your pipelines from
VS Code

Write configuration files and manage your
pipelines without interruption.

Why use the CircleCI
VS Code extension?

The extension enables users to avoid context switching, by making relevant CircleCI information and actions available contextually within VS Code.

  • Get live updates on your pipelines
  • Take action on your failed workflows
  • Save time when editing your config files
What's included?

Pipelines Manager

  • Pipelines, workflows and jobs monitoring
  • Job logs visualisation
  • Test results display
  • Notifications on workflow status changes
  • Live status bar updates
  • Easy debugging with SSH

Configuration Helper

  • Syntax validation and highlighting
  • On-hover documentation
  • Navigation shortcuts
  • Autocomplete
  • Usage hints

Don’t stop coding to review your CI/CD workflows

Access real-time information about your CI/CD workflows and write configuration files without distraction.

Not a Visual Studio Code user?

The capabilities of the VS Code extension are open to all editors

The CircleCI language server is open sourced. Visit our GitHub repository and support the CircleCI community by taking the power of our extension to your favorite editor.

Visit the Repository 
GitHub file showing VS Code extension