Why CircleCI?

Faster, more reliable build-test-deploy pipelines, intelligent design, and top-grade security are just a few of the features that make CircleCI a driving force for the world’s most innovative engineering teams.

Speed at scale

Through our thoughtfully-designed platform architecture and by giving developers powerful controls over their pipelines, we’re able to maximize build efficiency across projects and remove impediments to developers.

CI/CD built for performance:

  • Customizable RAM and CPU for different jobs
  • Workflows to help manage job orchestration
  • Parallelism to maximize build efficiency
  • SSH access into failed builds for easy debugging

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“With CircleCI, things can move through the release process more quickly. It probably means an extra release a day that we couldn’t do before.”

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“The build process that used to take over thirty minutes now takes less than half that time. Unlike before, the team can run builds in parallel, removing serious workflow bottlenecks.”

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“Before switching to CircleCI, Adam and his team waited up to an hour to get through their testing suite. With CircleCI they saw that wait time drop by 75%–down to 20 minutes.”

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“If your test suite takes an hour… your minimum incident resolution time can’t be faster than an hour. That’s one of the really strong motivators we have for keeping our test and build times as low as possible.”

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Build and deploy with confidence

CircleCI simplifies the most complex parts of DevOps processes, letting engineering teams get to work doing what they’re best at—building great products. Fast feedback from CircleCI results in better decisions, better security, and higher throughput.

Trust your build process with:

  • Fast feedback on passing and failing builds
  • Workflow graph for easy visualization of build data
  • Orbs (reusable packages of config) for third-party integrations

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“CircleCI is valuable to us because it facilitates our DevOps mindset.”

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“What makes me most confident in CircleCI is knowing that I have full control over the process, and this platform can scale with whatever my needs are.”

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“Using CircleCI caused a marked jump in our confidence that we can merge our pull requests without breaking real Gatsby applications downstream.”

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“Our users want new releases as fast as they can get their hands on them. We use CircleCI to test all of the touchpoints between our platform and Drupal, for example, and create scripts that fire up the tests automatically.”

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Automation and intelligence for innovative teams

CircleCI lets teams build fully-automated pipelines, from testing to deployment, allowing them to focus on the real work of innovation. Using CircleCI, engineers can automate their entire testing suite for new commits, reducing the potential for human error, while using orbs to automate deploys.

Build smarter with:

  • Test metadata to help reveal flaky tests
  • Test splitting to increase build efficiency
  • Autoscaling to match customer demand
  • Orbs to help automate repeated processes across projects

Check out our intelligent features

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“CircleCI is the hub, and the brain of our global automation.”

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“We made a small investment upfront to make sure our systems run automatically. That’s much better than us deploying ourselves, possibly making mistakes, and causing a lot of stress.”

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“We don’t need to deploy an AWS machine. We can just write a script, plug it into CircleCI, add some config, specify that this needs to run once a month, and we’re good to go.”

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The most secure CI/CD platform

CircleCI’s enterprise offering lets companies meet security and compliance needs by allowing them to install and manage CircleCI behind their firewall while offering other secure features like read/write access controlled via GitHub authentication. We are also SOC 2 Type II compliant and FedRAMP authorized.

Best-in-class security through:

  • Self-hosted solution
  • SOC 2 Type II certification
  • FedRAMP authorized
  • GovCloud partnership

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“Our code is our secret sauce. It’s nice knowing that it’s running on our own servers and network that we have full control over.”

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“Kaizen has built a powerful system to automatically run security updates… engineers simply need to merge the PR, which in turn triggers builds that run security updates on all servers.”

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“CircleCI Enterprise has enabled us… to move our CI infrastructure into a self-hosted VPC with AWS. This not only improves security… but it affects cost as well.”

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Build customer loyalty in minutes

Speed, scale, intelligence, automation, and security combine to create an ultra-responsive platform that helps companies quickly meet the demands of their customers.

Build and deploy new features quickly so your customers don’t miss a beat.

Start building great things for your customers now

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“It’s common for customers to request a feature and we ship it within hours or days—sometimes within minutes. We can metaphorically hear jaws dropping on the other end of the support thread.”

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“It used to be that pushing to production was a really big deal. By virtue of doing releases more frequently, it’s reduced that fear. It’s also given people on the executive team and in sales and support more confidence that we can act on information that we get from customers.”

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“We increase revenue for banks by giving them better front and back office systems. If someone asks for a loan and they get an answer in hours or days, instead of months, that’s a real differentiator.”

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“fastlane is built around continuous deployment. A partner like CircleCI that is consistent and reliable enables us to not only deliver the best value to our customers, but deliver it with total confidence.”

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