Why CircleCI?

Faster, more reliable build-test-deploy pipelines, intelligent design, and top-grade security are just a few of the features that make CircleCI a driving force for the world’s most innovative engineering teams.

Build and deploy with confidence

CircleCI simplifies the most complex parts of DevOps processes, letting engineering teams get to work doing what they’re best at—building great products. Fast feedback from CircleCI results in better decisions, better security, and higher throughput.

Trust your build process with:

  • Fast feedback on passing and failing builds
  • Workflow graph for easy visualization of build data
  • Orbs (reusable packages of config) for third-party integrations

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“CircleCI is valuable to us because it facilitates our DevOps mindset.”

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“What makes me most confident in CircleCI is knowing that I have full control over the process, and this platform can scale with whatever my needs are.”

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“Using CircleCI caused a marked jump in our confidence that we can merge our pull requests without breaking real Gatsby applications downstream.”

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“Our users want new releases as fast as they can get their hands on them. We use CircleCI to test all of the touchpoints between our platform and Drupal, for example, and create scripts that fire up the tests automatically.”

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