Why CircleCI?

Faster, more reliable build-test-deploy pipelines, intelligent design, and top-grade security are just a few of the features that make CircleCI a driving force for the world’s most innovative engineering teams.

Automation and intelligence for innovative teams

CircleCI lets teams build fully-automated pipelines, from testing to deployment, allowing them to focus on the real work of innovation. Using CircleCI, engineers can automate their entire testing suite for new commits, reducing the potential for human error, while using orbs to automate deploys.

Build smarter with:

  • Test metadata to help reveal flaky tests
  • Test splitting to increase build efficiency
  • Autoscaling to match customer demand
  • Orbs to help automate repeated processes across projects

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“CircleCI is the hub, and the brain of our global automation.”

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“We made a small investment upfront to make sure our systems run automatically. That’s much better than us deploying ourselves, possibly making mistakes, and causing a lot of stress.”

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“We don’t need to deploy an AWS machine. We can just write a script, plug it into CircleCI, add some config, specify that this needs to run once a month, and we’re good to go.”

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