Why CircleCI?

Faster, more reliable build-test-deploy pipelines, intelligent design, and top-grade security are just a few of the features that make CircleCI a driving force for the world’s most innovative engineering teams.

Speed at scale

Through our thoughtfully-designed platform architecture and by giving developers powerful controls over their pipelines, we’re able to maximize build efficiency across projects and remove impediments to developers.

CI/CD built for performance:

  • Customizable RAM and CPU for different jobs
  • Workflows to help manage job orchestration
  • Parallelism to maximize build efficiency
  • SSH access into failed builds for easy debugging

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“With CircleCI, things can move through the release process more quickly. It probably means an extra release a day that we couldn’t do before.”

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“The build process that used to take over thirty minutes now takes less than half that time. Unlike before, the team can run builds in parallel, removing serious workflow bottlenecks.”

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“Before switching to CircleCI, Adam and his team waited up to an hour to get through their testing suite. With CircleCI they saw that wait time drop by 75%–down to 20 minutes.”

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“If your test suite takes an hour… your minimum incident resolution time can’t be faster than an hour. That’s one of the really strong motivators we have for keeping our test and build times as low as possible.”

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