Why CircleCI?

Faster, more reliable build-test-deploy pipelines, intelligent design, and top-grade security are just a few of the features that make CircleCI a driving force for the world’s most innovative engineering teams.

Build customer loyalty in minutes

Speed, scale, intelligence, automation, and security combine to create an ultra-responsive platform that helps companies quickly meet the demands of their customers.

Build and deploy new features quickly so your customers don’t miss a beat.

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“It’s common for customers to request a feature and we ship it within hours or days—sometimes within minutes. We can metaphorically hear jaws dropping on the other end of the support thread.”

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“It used to be that pushing to production was a really big deal. By virtue of doing releases more frequently, it’s reduced that fear. It’s also given people on the executive team and in sales and support more confidence that we can act on information that we get from customers.”

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“We increase revenue for banks by giving them better front and back office systems. If someone asks for a loan and they get an answer in hours or days, instead of months, that’s a real differentiator.”

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“fastlane is built around continuous deployment. A partner like CircleCI that is consistent and reliable enables us to not only deliver the best value to our customers, but deliver it with total confidence.”

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