Today we are excited to announce the rollout of the Insights dashboard in CircleCI. Our users asked for data that helps them become more efficient at CI/CD and we are answering. The new Insights dashboard offers engineering teams access to actionable data for optimizing pipelines and getting even more out of CircleCI.

We will be rolling out starting October 1st and expand to all our cloud-based customers in the coming days. Once available, the dashboard can be accessed via the left nav in the UI, the Pipelines page, or any Workflow page.

More data means more informed decisions

The insights dashboard allows users to:

  • Track status: See which jobs are failing, which workflows have failing tests, and prioritize efforts for pipeline improvement.
  • Monitor duration: Find out which workflows or jobs are taking the longest and identify opportunities where caching, parallelization, and our new convenience images can help speed things up.
  • Optimize pipelines: Get insight into credit spend along with throughput, success rate, and mean time to recovery to get the most out of your CircleCI experience.

“Using CircleCI’s insights capabilities we’ve been able to pinpoint failed builds faster and have seen success rates climb. CircleCI’s insights are also beneficial to understand long term trends when determining best CI/CD practices for our team.” Jon Anderson, Senior Software Engineer, Outreach

Looking ahead

At CircleCI, our mission is to empower technology-driven organizations to do their best work, and Insights is a continuation of that mission. By providing actionable metrics, Insights enables companies to make better engineering decisions. With this feature, engineering teams will be better able to understand bottlenecks and identify optimization opportunities.

We will continue to enhance and update the dashboard with features like trends and test insights in the coming weeks. We are committed to supporting organizations by unlocking their data potential. More data, better decisions.

Learn more on how to find and monitor engineering metrics for team success in this post.