Uploading Build Artifacts

Sometimes, you’ll want to upload artifacts created during builds so you can view them later. The following is an example of how to do that:

version: 2
      - image: python:3.6.0

    working_directory: /tmp
      - run:
          name: Creating Dummy Artifacts
          command: |
            echo "my artifact file" > /tmp/artifact-1;
            mkdir /tmp/artifacts;
            echo "my artifact files in a dir" > /tmp/artifacts/artifact-2;

      - store_artifacts:
          path: /tmp/artifact-1
          destination: artifact-file

      - store_artifacts:
          path: /tmp/artifacts

Using the store_artifacts step, we upload 2 build artifacts: a file (/tmp/artifact-1) and a directory (/tmp/artifacts). Once the artifacts are successfully uploaded, you can view them in the Artifacts tab of the build page in your browser. There is no limit on the number of store_artifacts steps a job can have.

Currently, store_artifacts takes 2 fields: path and destination.

  • path is a path to the file or directory to be uploaded as artifacts.
  • destination (Optional) is a prefix added to the artifact paths in the artifacts API. (default: the directory of the file specified in path)

Accessing Artifacts via API

You can consume artifacts via our API.