If you wish to delete your installation of CircleCI Server, please let us know first in case there are any specific, supplementary steps required for your installation. Below is our basic step by step guide to tearing down an installation of CircleCI Server that was made with Terraform:

  1. First you need to manually disable the termination protection on the Services machine from the AWS Management Console (If you set services_disable_api_termination = "false" in your terraform.tfvars file, skip this step). To do this:

    1. Navigate to the EC2 Dashboard and locate the Services machine instance

    2. Click to select it

  2. Click Actions > Instance Settings > Change Termination Protection

  3. Navigate to the S3 dashboard, locate the S3 bucket associated with your CircleCI cluster and delete the bucket and its contents (If you set force_destroy_s3_bucket = "true" in your terraform.tfvars file, skip this step).

  4. From a terminal, navigate to your clone of our enterprise-setup repo and run terraform destroy to destroy all EC2 instances, IAM roles, ASGs and Launch configurations created by terraform apply.

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