Deployment Integrations

In the CircleCI ‘Project Settings’ page you will see a section called ‘Continuous Deployment’:

Deployment Integrations

Deployment options with built-in integration are listed there. This document exaplains how to use them with CircleCI 2.0.


Configuring AWS CLI

To deploy to AWS from CircleCI 2.0 you will need to make sure the awscli is installed in your primary container.

You can add your AWS credentials from Project Settings > AWS Permissions page.

The Access Key ID and Secret Access Key that you entered will be automatically available in your primary build container and exposed as AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables.


The built-in Heroku integration via the CircleCI UI is not implemented for CircleCI 2.0.

You can deploy to Heroku manually by setting environment variables. There is a full example in the 2.0 Project Tutorial.