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Using Insights

This document describes creating and using insights in CircleCI in the following sections:


Click the Insights menu item in the CircleCI app to view a dashboard showing the health of all repositories you are following. Median build time, median queue time, last build time, success rate, and parallelism appear for your default branch. Note: If you have configured Workflows, graphs display all of the jobs that are being executed for your default branch.


The image illustrates the following data about your builds:

  • Status of all your repos building on CircleCI in real time

  • Median queue time

  • Median build time

  • Number of branches

  • Last build

Project Insights

Click the Insights icon on the main navigation, then click your repo name to access per-project insights.

The per-project insights page gives you access to the build status and build performance graphs for a selected branch.


  • Build Status: The Insights dashboard shows the last 50 builds for your default branch. Click a branch in the top right corner to access over 100 build/job statuses for the selected branch.

  • Build Performance: The Build Performance graph aggregates your build/job data for a particular day and plots the median for that day going back as far as 90 days. Monitor the performance of your repo by clicking a particular branch.

See Also

Refer to the Collecting Test Metadata document for instructions to configure insights into your most failed tests.