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Connecting JIRA with CircleCI

This document describes how you can connect JIRA to your CircleCI builds. With the CircleCI JIRA plugin, you can create JIRA tickets directly from your Jobs page, allowing you to assign tasks and fixes based on the status of your job, as well as display your build statuses in Jira.

Note: You have to be an JIRA admin to install this plugin.

Installation Steps

  1. Navigate to project settings (from the project’s jobs page, click the gear icon in the upper right). Under Permissions, click on JIRA integration
  2. Go to the Atlassian Marketplace to get the CircleCI JIRA Plugin
  3. Install the plugin and follow the prompts to set it up.
  4. Return to the CircleCI JIRA Integration settings page and add the generated token.

Creating JIRA Tickets from the Jobs Page

Once the integration is added, navigate to the job details page and the JIRA icon will be enabled.

Click on the JIRA icon and select the following:

  • Project name
  • Issue type
  • Issue summary
  • Description

Note: The current JIRA plugin only supports default fields.

You’re all set to creating quick tickets from your job output page!

Viewing Build and Deploy Statuses in Jira

With CircleCI orbs it is also possible to display your build and deploy status in Jira Cloud. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Make sure you followed the steps above to connect Jira Cloud with CircleCI.
  2. Make sure that you are using version 2.1 at the top of your .circleci/config.yml file.
  3. If you do not already have Pipelines enabled, you will need to go to Project Settings > Advanced Settings and turn it on.

  4. To get an API token for build information retrieval, go to Project Settings -> Permissions -> API Permissions and create a token with Scope: all. Copy the token.
  5. To allow the integration to then use that key, go to Project Settings -> Build Settings -> Environment Variables and add a variable named CIRCLE_TOKEN with the value being the token you just made.
  6. Add the orb stanza, invoking the Jira orb.
  7. Use the Jira orb in a step.

The example config below provides a bare config.yml illustrating the use of the Jira Orb.

version: 2.1
  jira: circleci/jira@1.0.5
      - build:
            - jira/notify
      - image: 'cimg/base:stable'
      - run: echo "hello"