Migrating from Cloud to Server

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There is no formal process or toolset to migrate between CircleCI Cloud (SaaS) to an installed CircleCI Server setup. The process is to perform a fresh install of CircleCI server, using AWS and Terraform—see Installation for instructions.

Next, you will need to manually copy over all of your project settings including Contexts, environment variables, and API tokens.

Note: It is not possible to bring your projects’ build histories from SaaS; you will have to re-add all of your projects to your Server installation.

Your 2.0 config.yml files should work as-is on Server, assuming they are working on SaaS. There are small differences between the 1.0 execution environments that may result in some 1.0 configs not translating 100% from SaaS to Server.

Custom machine executor AMIs and configurable instance types are defined in a specific way, so consider how your teams may be using configurable resources (resource_class) on SaaS when defining your Server build cluster.


  • Currently the macos executor is not supported on Server.
  • Bitbucket is not supported on Server; GitHub/GitHub Enterprise is the only supported VCS.

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