Migrate an existing 1.0 project to CircleCI 2.0.

Document Description
Getting Started CircleCI 2.0 is very different from 1.0, use the Getting Started doc to get a green 2.0 run with your desired executor (docker, macos, or machine) first and a single job named build. Then, add jobs for discreet parts of your run, orchestrate them with a workflow, and share data between jobs with workspaces.
Hello World If you already have a repo and some experience with 1.0, use the Hello World document for a quick start to 2.0 jobs with the docker executor and pre-built CircleCI container images.
Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0 Migrating a 1.0 Linux project to a CircleCI 2.0 configuration if you prefer to replace existing 1.0 keys with their 2.0 equivalents to get started and migrate your configuration in smaller chunks.
iOS Migration Migrating a 1.0 iOS project to a CircleCI 2.0 configuration.
Using the 1.0-to-2.0 config-translation Endpoint Instructions for using the config-translation endpoint to generate an initial CircleCI 2.0 configuration from your existing CircleCI 1.0 project for a limited set of languages: Ruby, PHP, Node.js, iOS (partial: 1.0 code signing is not supported - use Fastlane instead), Java (partial).
CircleCI Configuration Generator Use this script to extend the 1.0-to-2.0 config-translation endpoint by creating a 2.0 test branch for your project. Then, it will generate a config.yml file on that branch and push a commit and run on CircleCI 2.0.
Find projects building on CircleCI 1.0 Use this command-line tool to find which repositories in your GitHub organization or Bitbucket team have 1.0 circle.yml configuration files.


Conceptually, 2.0 is very different, read the following documents to get answers to common 2.0 questions and to begin to let go of the 1.0 mindset.

Document Description
Concepts A high-level overview of CircleCI 2.0 Steps, Image, Jobs, and Workflows concepts and the configuration hierarchy.
Workflows How to configure Workflows to increase the speed of your software development through faster feedback, shorter reruns, and more efficient use of resources.
FAQ Frequently asked questions about CircleCI 2.0.