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Refer to the reference materials for YAML syntax, specifications, FAQs, help, and support.

Document Description
Configuring CircleCI Complete specification for config.yml syntax.
Prebuilt Images Complete list of prebuilt CircleCI Docker images.
API CircleCI v1.1 API reference documentation.
Glossary CircleCI terms and definitions.
Help and Support How to get answers to your questions from the CircleCI developer community and the CircleCI support team.
FAQ Frequently asked questions about CircleCI 2.0.
GitHub and Bitbucket Integration Information about GitHub and Bitbucket integration with a summary of permissions required and how organizations and groups work.
Security Features Description of source code, container, and encryption technology used by CircleCI.
Changelog Log of recent changes to the hosted CircleCI 2.0 software.
Container ID Cannot Be Mapped to Host ID Error Debugging the container ID cannot be mapped to host ID error.

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